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Writing Subtitles and Captions for Videos

Writing Subtitles and Captions for Videos

This job has emerged only during the past few years, especially on YouTube, as a lot of the videos of many successful YouTubers who do not have pre-written captions/subtitles on their videos.

Not just that, if you are looking for some long term and interesting projects, then you can also write subtitles of TV. Shows and movies. These projects are also a lot more lucrative when compared to the YouTube space.

In order to be successful in this job, however, you’d need to have the ability to understand the foreign accents along with some decent typing skills so that you can get more work done quickly.

You can do it on your weekends or spend about 2 hours a day after you come back from college. Compared to some of the other jobs this job is easier so the competition is a bit fierce and the pay is also not as much as some of the other professions mentioned above.

How do I Get Started?

You can start off by doing a bit of research on YouTube and try to find out those big YouTubers who do not have subtitles on their videos. You can approach them via cold emailing and offer them your services.

There are also many websites like rev.com that hire thousands of people for transcribing videos and audio. You can also register yourself and start work immediately.




In this age of increasing digitalization, making money online while studying is more than a possibility. Even if you don’t have any skills, there are thousands of ways through which you can learn them and start making money online in no time. All you need is a little bit of motivation and the willingness to improve your skillset.

And, don’t forget, communication is THE most important one of all skills if you want to make a lot of money online, as you need to convince your clients in English that you are the right person for the job.

If you want to know more about the importance of English communication skills, then make sure to check out our well-researched article by clicking here.

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