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Content Writer

Content Writer

Content writing is also one of the primary sources of income for a lot of students. If you were good at writing essays back in school, then there isn’t a better way for you to make money online.

The best thing about content writing is that it doesn’t require you to have any sort of a degree, nor do you need to spend a single penny as an initial investment in order to get started. You just need to be good at English, and you can learn other important things like SEO, keyword research etc., along the way.

Along with that, you’ll also need to have a few good samples of your previous work. Where can you get them? Well, you can spend some time researching the highly in-demand topics, read a few articles, and just start writing on them. You can later proofread the articles you have written and use them as samples of your previous work.

As a student who is working as a content writer myself, I can tell you that Samples are very important. Almost all clients ask for your samples before hiring, as they would like to know if you are good enough to at least frame a few proper English sentences.

Another advantage of content writing is that it opens the gate for other skills.

How do I Get Started?

Now you may ask, “but where I can find clients?”. Well, there are thousands of content writing groups on Facebook where many clients post their job openings and hire content writers every day.

You can go on to these Facebook groups and spend a bit of time working there and gain some experience. Once you have enough idea about how to write proper content, you can then move on to some of the more professional freelancing platforms like


and and there are also other constant job postings on sites like LinkedIn etc.




In this age of increasing digitalization, making money online while studying is more than a possibility. Even if you don’t have any skills, there are thousands of ways through which you can learn them and start making money online in no time. All you need is a little bit of motivation and the willingness to improve your skillset.

And, don’t forget, communication is THE most important one of all skills if you want to make a lot of money online, as you need to convince your clients in English that you are the right person for the job.

If you want to know more about the importance of English communication skills, then make sure to check out our well-researched article by clicking here.

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